When it comes to Wellbeing, how do you measure up?

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2017

By Deepak Chopra & Danielle Posa

If you ask someone if they’re feeling good, the answer you receive is surprisingly unreliable. Until very recently, “I’m good” or “I could be better” reflected a subjective of how the person feels. Now that it’s no longer common to get a routine six-month checkup at the doctor’s, many of us have no realistic evidence of how we’re actually faring.

But the situation is rapidly changing, and now that Fitbit, the Apple Watch, and other portables are becoming established, people are discovering that a moment-by-moment readout of a few select bodily functions is possible. This trend will explode in the near future in two ways: First, the portable devices will encompass more variables, and second, the readouts will become simpler. The ideal is a single number that informs you of your total state of wellbeing, evaluating not just the body’s vital signs but the mind-body connection as well.


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Why Wellbeing & Leadership?

Uncategorized Dec 13, 2016

In February of 2016 year, Deepak Chopra and I led a live course in New York City called Corporate Wellbeing and the Soul of Leadership.

We created this course because we felt like something was missing in the world of “wellness in business”. It had become saturated with talk about gym memberships, yoga at lunch time, and employees wearing fit bits. We felt like there was so much more to it than this.

From our perspective, wellbeing and/or wellness is NOT a program or a short lived fad. It’s a perspective, it’s a mindset, and a way of doing business that is built into the heart and soul of the organization. And it’s a strategy that must come from the leadership of the organization.


The leadership must be of the mindset that his or her organization is “the” place for people’s lives to change. That the organization is THE place for people to fulfill on their passions, and their purpose. The...

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We don't want you to be happy

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2016

There is a major misunderstanding when it comes to happiness…. and the countless headlines we see in the media now about it. You might notice that there are news headlines about the happiest countries… or creating happy places to work. It’s becoming quite the buzz word, and for good reason… because at the end of the day, we all just want to be happy right?

Well, not exactly.

Deepak and I want to make sure that you understand why this isn’t the case because it’s what lies at the heart of what the Radical Wellbeing Movement is all about. There is actually something far greater that we are all after.

Happiness is an emotion. It is an emotion just like sadness, worry and fear. These emotions come and go. They happen for relatively short periods of time, and sometimes only for an instant. They are part of what makes us human. And just like all of the emotions, happiness is NOT a permanent state. And we shouldn’t aim to ALWAYS be happy…...

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