Corporate Wellbeing and the Soul of Leadership - Video Version

On October 17th, Deepak Chopra and Danielle Posa led a full-day live event called Corporate Wellbeing & the Soul of Leadership.

If you weren't able to attend the course in-person, this is your chance to participate at home. The entire course was filmed and edited into 9 modules so that you have a chance to learn the material right from your laptop. 

A ticket to the LIVE event was $650. And while nothing can replace an in-person experience, we hope that by offering the videos online more people will be able to engage in this important material at a more affordable price. 

There are 4 main keynote sessions broken up into several modules. You will see the slides presented from the day, and you will feel like you are in the room with Deepak and Danielle as they walk through each topic.

There are also suggested exercises and handouts to help make your experience more interactive.

In this course you will get:

  • LIFETIME access to the course
  • 30 minutes of deep, thought provoking meditation with Deepak
  • 9 Modules - Over 6 hours of video recordings from the event
  • 7 Downloadable handouts and exercises for you to keep


Module 1: Meditation with Deepak (30 min)

This session will set the tone for the entire course. Meditate with Deepak on your intentions for being a leader. You will be encouraged to think about some of the things listed below. 

  • Who are you and why are you here?
  • Why do you want to be a leader?
  • What kind of attachment do you have to your identiy?
  • Are you truly aware?

Module 2: Welcome

In this video Deepak explains how he met Danielle and why they created this new course.

Module 3: The Big Problem + Why We Are Here

As leaders, we all play an important role in create a better future and a better world. In this segment, Danielle discusses the current problem in today's world - less than 20% of people are "thriving" and how a major cause of this problem is that as a society we have the wrong metrics for success.

In this module you will learn....

  • The overall objective of the course and why it was created
  • Your role as a conscious leadership in the "big problem"
  • How "progress" has no value unless people's lives are getting better
  • How to transform your perception of success
  • The powerful ability of your organization to change lives - and the reason we are focusing on leaders in business

Module 4: Develop Your Soul Profile

In this segment, Deepak tells a story from his childhood that demonstrates what it means to be a true leader. He then walks you through a serious of important questions in order to create intense self inquiry about who you are and why you want to lead.

In this module you will learn....

  • Deepak's personal story about leadership
  • Deepak's definition of a leader and how a true leader is guided by the soul
  • The qualities of a great leader
  • The core questions to get in touch with your soul
  • Elements of a visionary
  • Characteristics of the true "self" or the ground of your being
  • EXERCISE: Download, and fill out the handout and create your soul profile

Module 5: What is Wellbeing? 

Wellbeing takes on many meanings. In this segment, Danielle shares her story about having Stage-3 cancer as a kid and how it led to her lifelong obsession to understanding wellbeing. She then walks you through the research, conducted by Gallup, that will clearly define every major component of wellbeing (or living a great life.)

In this module you will learn....

  • Danielle's childhood cancer story and how your overall health and vitality is influenced by many more factors than "medicine" 
  • Why wellbeing is a key part of being a great leader
  • The true definition of wellbeing, how it relates to happiness and why it is different than simply "wellness". 
  • The global research behind wellbeing - you will learn the "facts" behind how to improve your life
  • How your mental state is affecting your overall wellbeing
  • Every element of your overall vitality and wellbeing
  • EXERCISE: download the handout and begin crafting your purpose

Module 6: Maximize the Wellbeing of Your Organization

There are 7 Key Drivers of Wellbeing. In this module, Danielle discusses each of the 7 and what you can do in your organization to accelerate the pace at which you improve the wellbeing of your people.

In this module you will learn....

  • Global trends in wellbeing and why it's absolutely essential that you make wellbeing a priority in your organization
  • The business case for wellbeing - how increased wellbeing reduces costs and increases productivity
  • 7 key drivers of personal and organizational wellbeing - deep dive into various topics such as workspace, technology, metrics, and developmental programs
  • CEOs who practice mindfulness and meditation
  • EXERCISE: Download the handout to assess yourself and your organization. Find out how you are doing across the 7 key drivers

Module 7 & 8: The 7 Spiritual Skills of Leadership

In this segment, Deepak walks you through the acronym L.E.A.D.E.R.S. Each letter represents an important spiritual skill that every leader must practice in order to make decisions that are grounded at the level of the soul.

In this module you will learn....

The 7 Spiritual Skills 

  1. Look & Listen
  2. Emotional Bonding
  3. Awareness
  4. Doing
  5. Empowerment
  6. Responsibility
  7. Sychronicity

EXERCISE: Finalize your legacy.

Module 9: Closing Remarks: Your True Self

Deepak's final words of wisdom

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